Thursday, September 21, 2023

 Downsizing Part 3 - Baby Quilts

This post features unique vintage quilts for children - for cribs, snuggling or display. Any new babies in your life or on the way? Great gifts! 

Not the best photos here but contact me for more and better images if interested.

                         1. Bambi SOLD

2. Baby Animals - SOLD 


     3. Embroidered Animals 
                           Hand embroidered and quilted           


     4. Kit "cross-stitch" hand embroidered

    5. "Now I lay me down to sleep" Prayer                                    Hand embroidered kit quilt 

6. Scottie Dogs - Hand Embroidered Hand quilted in 1940 
by  Della Poteet of Pawnee City, NE
for her granddaughter  38 x 44

6.    REDWORDK- c. 1920  
Cot Size 51 x 71

Lovely initials of makers who did the work

s                                     Sorry - not a good photo.
                                               Interested? I'll take a better one and send it to you.

Let me know if you'd like more info on any of the quilt in this post or the previous two. 

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