Saturday, February 15, 2014

SOCK IT TO ME! (Gussets,Heel Flaps and other fun stuff)

Sock #2
Did that date me?
Does anyone remember "Laugh In" ?

Anyway when I started this blog, years ago, I named it Quilts Etc. purposely because I knew there would be times I'd want to share non-quilt things.
I learned how to knit in Girl Scouts; probably about age ten. I've knit many sweaters and afghans, shawls and stocking hats, mittens and scarves... but never socks and let's just say my first attempt has been quite an adventure.

Motivated by a lovely soft hand-dyed variegated merino wool I bought from a rural lady at a craft fair, I found a book that looked interesting and picked the simplest, most basic pattern.
That was over a year ago..

I had a lot of trouble with the first sock but after visiting the local knit shop for help, looking at YouTube videos over and over and emailing the author of the book - phew - I finally finished the first sock. (with the method of using two double pointed size 2 needles)

I bound off too tightly and I could barely get it over my heel but when I did - it was too big. AARGH! I decided I should have made the smallest of the two sizes offered even though I felt safe in doing the 'large' for my size ten feet!

Time went by - fall arrived. I did not want to give up on this project. I decided to start the 2nd sock in the correct size.
It went so much better - and you see it pictured above with close-ups below of the toe shaping and the gusset and heel flap. I admit, I'm quite proud of it!

So now I had one very nice sock that fit well and was bound off loosely enough to actually get onto my foot - and one that was floppy and just wrong. You know what I had to do, right? Take a deep breath and start unraveling....oh how quickly it went in that direction.

Sock 1

So here is the crimped yarn - which I let relax awhile (along with me)....and it is now rolled into a ball and ready to start at the toe again.

 Maybe tomorrow!