Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quilting Reflections on 2014

Evelyn Nall
Today as a new year starts, and as I look back on 2014, I realize that I accomplished a couple of 'different' and very exciting things from my usual quilt activities.

One was to transcribe the interview I did with the amazing Evelyn Nall for the Quilter's Save Our Stories program; getting her interview on-line and into the Library of Congress.

The other was the quilt donation project which reached a total of 70 quilts for the use and comfort of the residents of the Gift of Life transplant house. It made up the largest percentage of my 2014 quilting life.  Along with the six quilts I made and donated, I coordinated the project which I began in April.  KARE 11 TV ended up covering the story as did the Rochester, MN newspaper! You can read my previous two blogs to learn more about that or check out the links on the right hand column of this blog under "Quilts Project Links".

I made backs for the donated tops, made and applied binding to 14 quilts, sought out machine quilters to volunteer their skills, took photos and kept donor data for all of this and delivered the quilts on December 1, 2014. The whole experience was a highlight of my quilting life which amounts to nearly 40 years!

                                 Donated Bed-size quilts that I made 

 I also completed 5 doll quilts; 4 of them are part of my 'Bricks' project.

Gift for Sophie

And added a few things to my collection:
 a Hmong textile, one bed quilt and two cribs. 
The Sunbonnet Sue was a gift from a friend.


I also finished....drum roll please, a pair of wool socks which I started two years ago. Yes. One pair of socks. But. . . I knit a total of three because after I finally finished the first one it was too large. So I made one in the smaller size and then ripped out the first one and made it over. I sometimes wonder about myself, as do my friends! But I am happy with them and Minnesota currently being in single digits or below zero for a few days I am enjoying the comfort of the wool.  (Merino wool, hand dyed, size 2 needles from the toe up if you are a knitter)

Along with this were two quilt-related trips; one to Denver to visit Dawn Collector with a Needle and one to Milwaukee for the AQSG seminar.

Happy New Year to all of you!

 Do you have plans for your quilting life in 2015?