Saturday, November 3, 2018

"Bricks" Series Celebration

13" x 17"
At last!

It's been a long time but . . .done is done. Here is the ninth and final quilt made from the pieces of a c. 1900 Bricks top I took apart in 2011. If you've been following my blog you've seen the posts of the previous eight quilts interspersed over the years. I challenged myself to see how many small quilts I could get out of that original top.

I've been wanting to wrap this project up for some time but I just kept putting other things first.

The motivation I needed came when I was invited to share this project with the Minnesota Quilt Guild at their November meeting. Carolyn, a member of Minnesota Quilt Project (MQP), the group that documents quilts and sponsors a meeting each year, saw my blog and contacted me.

Nothing like a deadline, I always say. Newly motivated, I dumped out the scant supply of remaining scraps which included some little units leftover from #7. ( the improve piece you can see again if you click here.)

By the time I got #9, this little strippy, done, I was very limited in size and color but I was able to eek out a pieced back by using some white shirting fabric from my stash of vintage yardage.

the back

I put a label on all my quilts...sometimes I write directly on the quilt if a label would be intrusive. Here's what I did on the back of this one.

I've really had fun with this project. I learned a lot along the way by trying different things ie. edge treatments, methods of construction, different battings, different ways to join the layers and the confidence to just create something I like without a pattern or instructions.
Here's a look at how I displayed them for the lecture:

And one more look at the original top:

Maybe you would enjoy working with vintage textiles to create something uniquely your own. Working in small scale allows you to get them done more quickly than large pieces though I may not be a good example. This project spanned seven years but I counted over forty other quilts in all sizes that I made during those same years.  I like to keep lots of plates spinning!

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Happy Quilting!