Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 - Go With the Flow...or?

Another year has flown by. Again. Whoosh, right?

Notice I avoid the 'R" word. Resolutions  are notoriously repetitive and usually (always)  my initial enthusiasm fades and I revert to just doing my best.
Of course I have some goals, some thoughts about what I want to do, it's ME, remember? But at the end of each year, when I take stock, I find I am pleased with however it unfolded. I've enjoyed the things I chose to do.

That said, I wanted to complete more quilts in 2018 than I did but the non-quilt projects were satisfying and fun--those curtains at the cabin, the potholders and mug mats for family and friends . . .

I coordinated this one
with the mug

. . .a presentation on my Brick series for the state guild in November. That gig prompted me to wrap up that project begun in 2011. Finishing the 9th and last quilt was most satisfying. (You can use the search box on the right column with the word Bricks to see the many blogs I wrote about this series of minis.")

I did get one bed quilt done-thanks to machine quilting:

For 2019 I set a goal of finishing six quilts. I have two that I'm hand quilting that are almost done and several tops to choose from as I practice machine quilting. I've decided to have at least one done by a local long-arm machine expert. I think the goal is specific and realistic. We'll see.

Etc. Time to Write...
I've become more involved with writing over the last few years. I've taken several courses at the Loft in Minneapolis and  participate in a writing critique group at a local library. I enjoy a variety of excellent (free) on-line courses with a writing partner.  Just like quilting, I keep starting new pieces which linger as UFO's of a different kind. So this year I'm trying to stick with one particular piece. It was inspired by my aunt who went into early labor in an isolated cabin in northern MN in the 1940's. What happened after that is a mystery to all. So. I'm making it up. What started as a short story is growing into perhaps at least a novella.

I'm a child of the 60's -  I wasn't really a hippie but I did have some mean bell bottoms (red brushed denim hip huggers) and a leather vest with long long 'fringes'. Now in my 70's, I hark back to a saying from that era.     Go with the Flow.

When I feel myself getting too rigid, overly stressed about one thing or another, I remind myself, Go With the Flow... "Chill" as the kids say today. Take it as it comes.

Then again, in these times, we as a nation must remember- there are times and ways to follow the opposite advice.
Speak up.
 Be part of the solution.


 I wish for peace and tolerance, empathy and hope worldwide in 2019