Sunday, December 4, 2022

My New Novel !

Yes. I've written a novel and it's now 'live' on Amazon! I know I've veered from the subject of quilts now and then on this blog. I added the "etcetera" in the title of my blog knowing from the start that I wanted to talk about more than just quilts. At the time I assumed it would be about textiles in general. Now it works for writing.  It's not a quilt book, it's a novel which includes, of course, a mention or two of quilts. 

Pardon my absence! For some time I've been less and less involved  in the quilt world as a result of getting enmeshed in writing. My new passion, if you will. Don't worry. I still love quilts, textiles and sewing - but as I got more and more into writing, especially this particular novel, I just had to focus on that. 

My goal was to finish it in 2021. Just like quilt goals....I had to adjust that but...ta's done now!

Here's the synopsis and a link if you might be interested.

November 1940. Northern Minnesota. A young married couple awaiting the birth of their first child. A remote cabin. An unexpected blizzard. A cross made of twigs stuck into a snowbank. Years later, a shocking confession sends Clare Pedersen on an emotional quest for the truth. What she discovers changes her life and that of a woman she's never met. A riveting story that answers the question--what is love all about?

Click here for the link:

I do have a few new quilts to share. Can't promise when I'll get to posting them but thanks for checking in and accepting my erratic postings. 

Happy Holidays to all!