Sunday, July 19, 2020

Bright Ideas Come Home to Roost

Do you remember back a few decades....1980's or so? Someone had the bright idea that when you have a fabric out for some other project, all straightened and ready to go, that if you cut a few strips from that yardage…1.5”, 2”, 2.5", you would have this wonderful stash of ready-to-go strips for countless projects.
 "Cool! Great idea," I thought.
The idea was wide spread, apparently, because a lot of us fell for it. Decades later, we "ladies of a certain" age are saying, "How the heck can I use up all these strips?"
Today I finished this little doll quilt  - the result of restlessness over isolating, quarantining, a life where going to the grocery store is an exciting outing.

I needed to stitch and stitch and not I pulled out the bin of 1.5" strips, squares, partial units and rows and put this together.

Just in time I remembered, I'm trying to use up  strips  - so I pieced the back using partial units and some 2.5" strips.

 (I'm heading toward diving into improv style so this is a warm-up)

I practiced free motion work with loops and an occasional heart. I had to cut binding from yardage.
I have lots of 'binding leftovers' but none were long enough or quite right. I needed a solid -the piece was busy enough already.

A look at my labelled containers on shelves

And here are just a few of the projects I’ve made with those handy dandy strips….all scrappy by necessity, right?  No matchy-matchy color coordinated ‘line’ of fabrics from Marcus Brothers or Judy Rothermel.

this is a top in progress...

I guess those strips were a pretty good idea after all!

Did you get into that - and are you still trying to use them up?

Adventure in Improv Coming up!

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