Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I'm afraid I make the same two or three resolutions every year and that means I don't reach them, right? But still,  I am not opposed to thinking of a new year as a fresh start - they say it's never too late and that giving up is the only way to fail. So...once again I plan to eat better, shed some pounds and get more exercise into my life...oh. I mean 'Move More'. That's the way to think about it, they say. Don't use the 'E' word!
As for quilt goals I have decided, after reviewing the last two years, that though I've had great fun doing new projects I really WANT to get some things done from the past. If I can't finish at least a few of them by the end of this year, I will get rid of them. If they aren't important enough to finish up they will not take up space in my house or cause guilt in my head any longer. You heard it here!

I've chosen the following. The photos are not full views...just enough to get an idea. I will machine quilt all of them.

Mexican Star - Wall Quilt

Flags - twin size  - nice Americana look for one of the beds at the cabin.

 Coins - lap size probably ...started years ago with left over pre-cut strips from another project

Pink 25 Patch...crib size - no particular destination - This was also started as a way to use up my 1.5" strips!

Square in Square - Twin bed size....Also destined for the cabin. I used up a lot of my 2.5" strips on this one - but not all unfortunately!

These are by no means the ONLY unfinished projects I have... but I have to start somewhere and these are either close to the finish line or just projects I'm tired of looking at.

Do you make resolutions?

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  1. I try not to make resolutions. I just re-evalute my course and make adjustments where I feel I need to. Seems much more doable to me that way, though it may be just an illusion. : )


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