Saturday, January 12, 2013

On My Design Wall - Pre-cutting for a Scrap Quilt

The blocks on my design wall may look familiar to you if you've been following my blog for awhile. They are from my 'Hand" quilt - a project I shared in this previous post where you can also see the vintage quilt that inspired it.
I decided to pre-cut the remaining blocks so that I could get them sewn together in Arizona this year. They will be separated with a sash but I'm not sure of what - or how wide. I may set them on-point.....

Doing a scrap quilt certainly is more
time consuming than using just a few fabrics - unless you are truly working with a bag of bona fide scraps. I was pulling from my stash with certain colors and types of prints in mind....and what a mess I made in my sewing room! It was putzy work and not how I usually go about things but it will be nice to sit down at the machine and zip along.

Do you make scrap quilts?
Do you have any tips?


  1. Hi jean
    I love making quilts from scraps and I have my leftovers from other projects sorted into "genres" then kept in bags til I'm reaqdy to sew something new.
    I do still have to cut from the stash when I need a particular colour but then I have more scraps for the next project.
    Love your new quilt.

  2. Hi Chris, Please give us some examples of the genres you sort with...I have been sorting by color..
    the mounting scraps provide enough projects for life...yet I start new things and cut into fresh fabric! oh well

  3. I love scrap quilts. Putzy = success, I'm confident it will!

  4. Hi Jean
    My genres are reproduction, oriental, retro - 30s & 40s, a new one is what I call "funky" - Amy butler type fabrics which I'm favouring at the moment.
    It seems to work for me with the scrap quilts I make and I often combine scraps from each genre for a unique look.
    I've realised we'll never use all the fabric we have accumulated but that's not the point is it. For me it's the joy of fabric in general and making beautiful, usable quilts from all this "candy"!

  5. I love scrap quilts, definitely the best sort, but like you end up in a mess sorting fabric, still its fun to see it all! From the picture of your sewing machine, I see you have a little light attached - does this work well? I have a Bernina 1260 and am reluctant to buy the light without knowing if its worth it as it is very expensive here in England. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Celia - a long time quilter from England.

    1. Celia - I love that light - not sure I could sew/thread the needle without it. The light on the macine is basically useless! It's expensive; about $50 here in the US retail but I see Amazon has it for $34.97...not sure how it goes if you order from England? but take a look. I do recommend!

    2. Thank you very much Jean for the info. I have found a supplier for the light here in the UK, more expensive than US, but with free postage. It is a real help to get a recommendation from someone who has actually used a product. Happy stitching!

    3. You are welcome - I'll be eager to hear if you agree after you've used it awhile.

  6. I love making scrap quilts and over the years came up with a system that works for me
    I cut strips off of every fabric that comes in my sewing room and put it in a basket , when I am ready to make a quilt I go into that basket first and start making blocks, 6.5" (ruler width!) is my favorite right now.
    another way to get scraps is to buy scrap bags! see my post about this the other day!
    or trade with friends that have the same fabrics you do.... that helps me a lot!
    LOVE the blocks so far, keep going its going to be a great quilt.

    1. REaders - check out Kathie's blog from the link on the right called Inspired by Antique Quilts...the Jan 11th post talks about 'scrap' bags. Thanks Kathie!

    2.'s the post on Jan. 10th.

  7. Scrap quilts are what I mostly do, and it can be messy and time consuming to get everything cut. I am trying to cut scraps into useable sizes as I finish a project, but I don't always have time.
    I ordered one of those scrap bags when I first read Kathie's post. It has already shipped--can't wait to get it!

  8. Janet - I hope you'll share what you get on your blog soon...and what you make out of the scraps. I dare not ORDER scraps...I would have to be an institution.!


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