Monday, March 21, 2016

Bricks #7 Update

16" x 18"
I've finished the top and back for this next piece in the Bricks series.

I was going to wait until I had it entirely done, but a few anxious friends suggested it was time to post another blog entry!

The process of sitting down with a pile of scraps from which to make the top was very interesting. I decided to work with the medallion style - starting with the center and working my way around.

I ended up making a bunch of little blocks or strips of things that were about the same width and then joining them in a way I liked. Using a design wall, I just put things up, stood back, moved things around, went back to the machine to customize a bit and went from there. The edges are wonky and will stay that way.

 I found it both fun and frustrating/stressful to work this way.

I used the photo of the original top to inspire the backing, as I mentioned in my last post, and ended up with this.

I plan to use a piece of flannel instead of batting, finish the edge in the pillowcase style and tie it with wool yarn.  . . maybe from the back? Then, I'll wash it in hot water so the yarn balls up.

I want this series of little quilts to represent a variety of patterns and techniques; edge treatments and finishing styles,

I am fighting against my original goal of using every single bit I can from this top before I say I'm done. It's a rule I may want to break. In any case, I will take a break from it after finishing #7 due to  some new and exciting developments.
I have three baby quilts to make for friends grand babies and, TA DA, a wedding quilt to think about for my newly engaged son and DIL to be! A busy year ahead.

Stay Tuned!