Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Wrap-up: Projects Review

A tradition - new hotpads for the kids

Well, here we are at the end of another year. My Dad was right, they really do go by faster the older I get!

Here are the quilts I completed. 

All but the birds are doll size and you've seen them in previous posts - and all were new projects. At the beginning of the year I listed twelve 'themes' - one per month ideally - that I wanted to focus on in 2012. Some of these are responses to that concept; Amish and Pennsylvania 'Dutch' styles, one-patches and donations to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. All are hand quilted except the little redwork. It's a 'cheater' panel given to me by a friend. I added borders and combined hand and machine quilting and a striped binding. (click to enlarge)

9" x 9"
This and the yellow bird were
donated to raise funds for
Ami Sims
Alzheimer's Art
Quilt Initiative

There is more to our quilting life than completions, of course. I did make forward progress on many other things during the year; notably the bed size Mariner's Compass Medallion. It is now in frame and the quilting has begun.

My favorite room!

I am sorry ( and a bit shocked) to realize that not even one 'old' project was completed this year! I keep rather detailed records as you may recall from this post of one year ago...and even last year I see I only finished one UFO. I think something has to change!
I am working on defining my goals for 2013. It's such a dilemma because I want to FINISH some stuff that's been around too long but I also want to start new things, try new techniques, and then when I throw in my knitting, rug braiding, reading etc it becomes a problem. I need more hours in my day, don't you?
Overall I'm happy with what I accomplished and look forward to more fun in the coming year. And that's really what it's all about after all.
I hope you enjoy my posts and will continue to check in to see what I'm up to and to share your thoughts along the way. At the bottom of each post there is the word Comment...or No Comments if nothing has been posted...just click that and talk to me!

How do you assess the past year in your quilt life?


  1. Great work, Jean, and no regrets! For me, it was a truly remarkable year in so many ways. And along the way I joined the UFO club. :)

    1. Mr. V, you have joined a VERY large club... Membership enhances your image and makes quilters like you better! :)

  2. I'm cheering for you to get you Mariner's Compass medallion quilted. I've made two Mariner's Compass medallions and have yet to put either one in an actual quilt.
    Your favorite room looks very comfy!

    1. I'd love to see your MC's....and about that room - is it possible to have TOO much light for quilting? was so sunny today I had to tilt the blinds a bit!

  3. I hope Jean that 2013 is a happy and healthy one for you with lots of precious quilting time. I have decided I am getting too old to be ruled by targets and deadlines and will just go with the flow and as it is impossible for me not to quilt I am sure that lots will still happen this year. Happy New Year from a very tropical far north Queensland.

    1. Now that is a refreshing approach- impossible NOT to quilt so you will no doubt continue to enjoy what you are doing. Happy New Year to you, too, Frances from sub zero (-6 F) Minnesota this first day of 2013!


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