Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ta-Da! Tumbler Finished!

14" X 18"

Here it is - hand quilted and bound. I've finished two projects in recent weeks....I think I'm on a roll!

I usually wash my finished pieces but since I used fabric taken out of a hundred year old quilt top, and washed and pressed the pieces before I started, I decided not to push my luck. (Click here to see the post with the original top)

Here's an actual glass tumbler from about the 1940's. It has a special good luck horseshoe at the bottom.  Could it be an incentive to finish your milk?

I quilted an overall fan at about 3/8". I decided to try doing it without marking. It was fun and freeing....and the lack of precision actually makes it more interesting to me. ( I'm not just making that up.)

I had a nice vintage piece of woven black and white check which was perfect for the back.

At first I thought I'd just bring the backing to the front for binding but it didn't enhance the quilt so I had to use a reproduction for the binding.

Another motif inspired by an ordinary household object is this Goblet pieced block.  Quite a few are seen in blue and white - which happen to be the colors of the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

This quilt is in the Quilt Index.

When only one shape is used in the entire quilt, as in my little Tumbler, it may be referred to as a 'one-patch'. It's fun to see how interesting and appealing a quilt can be using just one simple shape.

Next Post: A few more One-Patch designs from my collection.