Thursday, January 10, 2013

Humming Along - Machine Maintenance

I took the time today to clean my machine.
I took out the bobbin, cleaned that area, oiled it, put in a new needle and wiped down the sounds so hums nicely as I stitch along.
I know I don't change needles often enough.
I think I'll fill a few bobbins with neutral thread now. It's always nice to have one ready when you run out as you are trying to finish something.

It's a new year - does your machine need a new needle and a bit of TLC?


  1. : ) Just did this very thing today. It is amazing how much better it sounds.

  2. I should probably at least clean out my bobbin case, now that you mention it. Good idea filling several bobbins. I just bought a new spool of thread to start a new quilt - should get some bobbins ready so I don't have to stop and do that mid-project.


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