Saturday, September 15, 2012

Medallion - Drum Roll Please!

At last....the top is done!!
87 x 96
I've labored over this one (as you know if you follow my blog regularly). I felt like giving up for awhile. I just had to let it sit, again and I learned that was for the best. If you don't feel like working on something, give yourself a break. Let it simmer.
I came back to it with a fresh attitude having spent time thinking about all the possibilities...(you know, at 3 a.m.) and lo and day I was ready to move forward.

The most recent hang up was what to do for the border between the blue strip and the outer points. I tried all kinds of things and ended up using the medium tone prints from the collection in rectangles of various lengths. I didn't want another plain 'slab' border and this seems to be subtle enough while still being scrappy.

This is how much of the mottled tan I have left.  I thought I had enough pieced points made but had neglected to add in that final border (this math...aargh!) so I decided not to put them at the top edge. I could have found something close I'm sure.... but then decided it was a good accident. I did another row of rectangles and think it is a better plan. Those points would not have shown behind the pillows anyway. This quilt is designed for use on a bed...not a wall.

I will be curving the two bottom corners so they won't drag on the floor.

Now - to baste and think about quilting. I may get a long-arm quilter to baste it for me. I've never done that but I think it would be a great time (and back) saver and I would not be dealing with the safety pins as I quilt.

I'm using a wool batt for the first time and am eager to see how I like it; working with it, sleeping under it, washing it. Just in time, too, as the temps are beginning to feel like fall. I lap quilt (no hoop) and I can imagine a quilt on my lap - which was not the case over the past summer!

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  1. This is quite beautiful. I really like medallion quilts. I took a class with Gwen Marsden last spring where she shared many of her medallion quilts. Yours is wonderful.

  2. Beautiful!!....cant wait to see it quilted, the borders really set it off nicely...I hope you like the wool batting...I love it but it takes a few days of being unrolled to flatten and relax before you can baste it

  3. Thanks Tim. I will unroll in advance!

  4. Beautiful, Jean. I agree about setting work aside when we get stuck. Typically a light bulb will go off when we least expect it. I, too, will have my quilt basted by my friend, Judy, who has a long arm, before hand quilting. It just takes tooooooo long!

  5. I love it when a quilt projects calls out and the solution presents itself. I had a LA in Chan baste mine. I also had her do some 'main quilting' then I went back through and did details.
    Your top is beautiful!


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