Friday, December 7, 2012

Quilter Makeover

 Not me but I look just like her!
(Sorry, but I had to get your attention!)
Some time ago I was going through some papers in one of my many three ring binders of ideas and notes and came across a list I'd seen in an article by Barbara Wysocki called 'Quilter Makeover'.
We are familiar with cosmetic 'makeovers' - a new hairstyle and/or color... or a new make-up or technique. (I had one once and it was really fun but ever since then I've felt I need a brow wax periodically!)

Our quilt selves might also get a lift from a makeover!

She suggested trying:
  • a new color scheme - break out of your usual favorites
  • a different technique -  something you haven't tried. I take inspiration from vintage quilts and want to try things like reverse applique, stuffed work and English paper piecing.
  • a different style - pictorial, contemporary, scrap, regional, the new 'Modern' 
  • different sized projects - small, wall, doll, table, lap 

As we approach a new year I am thinking again about ways to expand my experiences with fabric and design. Last year I tried to have a 'theme' of experimentation each month. I'll report on how that went at year's end.

 Do you have any ideas for your quilt makeover in 2013?


  1. Very interesting food for thought!

  2. Well, I went through a major quilt makeover this year, adding minis to my quilt obsession--something I thought I would never do.
    I have also added paper piecing and perforated paper piecing to my bag of tricks. The coming year? Well, I have signed up for a class with Lisa Bongean in January and I understand we may be doing some wool applique--*gasp*. That is something I DON'T do!! So there is my new technique for the year. : )

  3. Last year my quilt makeover was to use more colors...I really branched out! Very fun. This year I am going to focus on quilting...both expanding my hand quilting by trying new threads and my machine quilting by using new techniques...

    1. I love hearing what y'all are doing. It's hard to limit isn't it? So many possibilities. I, too, want to try hand quilting with perle cotton - bigger more decorative style on a contemporary piece.

  4. Wow - great list, Janet O. I had 'wool' on my list last year and it's one of the ones I didn't get to. I will put it on again but not sure if it will be applique. I thought maybe a wholecloth......small of course. I have an old black wool bathrobe - vintage - of very fine tissue wool...and a couple of army the typical green but one is white. Not to mention a tub full of old plaid and solid leftovers from my garment sewing days...that was a LONG time ago!

  5. Interesting to think about - - I have been say for quite a while now I want to get back into my solids stash.
    Who knows, maybe 2013 will actually get to be a year of solids??

    1. oh yes. I, too, have a lovely array of solids. Working with a couple of Amish projects last year I used them and with one 30's doll quilt. But I want to do more. One hallmark of the new Modern quilters style is use of solids.


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