Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Medallion Update - Almost there!

I first posted about my medallion project last May. Click here if you'd like to go back and see that first post.  Also, see July for the first update.

I  have now added the red coping strips and another round of checkerboard squares.  I appliqued circles in the four corners of that border to bring in the compass center shape, bringing it to 63" x 73".

I was so excited about the vertical hombre stripe I added to get to a rectangle but it kind of bugs me now - I may applique circles across it.....

I think I’ll be adding two 6” borders  all around to give me my finished size.
Now I have some thinking to do - I want to use large enough pieces to feature some of the interesting prints in the collection. I’m leaning toward the final border being triangles. I'd like to get the top completed relatively soon.....

Meanwhile, here’s a small medallion I did last year. It's hanging on the wall in my kitchen/dinette.
36" x 36"
The center appliqué block is a Lori Smith pattern. I just kept going around it with different borders or frames – my first taste of the dreaded 'MEDALLION MATH'…and quite a challenge when I decided I had to have the pinwheel round 'on point'.

Even with some previous experience, my bed size medallion is not proving to be that much simpler. The planning holds me up – there are so many options and no one ‘right’ way which is both the good and the bad news!



  1. Your medallion is looking good, but I understand your frustration with the "design-as-you-go" method. I suffer the same thing. Your wall hanging turned out really nice--good job!

  2. Looking good Jean.
    You have a wonderful stash of fabrics for the medallion project ;-)
    Nice wall hanging too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your crib sized medallion is so cheery. It made me smile; I love it!


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