Friday, July 8, 2011

Mariner's Compass Medallion - Update I

My Mariner's Compass medallion project has progressed. I promised I would get that next frame on before June ended and I did it....surprising what you can do if you put everything else aside for a day or two to fulfill a promise!
I finished making the hourglass blocks and added them to all sides.

I want a rectangular quilt so I added a 5" strip to the top and bottom only - I had a nice stripe in my stash.

Time for the first 'fitting'.  Have you ever designed a bed quilt on your vertical design wall  and ended up with a quilt that didn't enhance the bed as much as the wall?  This quilt is being made for double bed so the bed is my design wall. This section now covers the width of the top.

Now it's back to my original notes (see my first post on this project in May) to review the blocks I wanted to incorporate in the borders and do the math....aargh. I have determined the finished size now so I can plan the width of the remaining borders - remembering, this time, that the quilting will take up at least 2" and washing takes up a bit more. I want it long enough to tuck pillows under at the top.

I've lain awake a couple of nights now with these thoughts running wild through my head. I think I have a plan! I'm cutting and sewing.....Watch for Update II soon.

 In the meantime, I'll post the method I used to make my hourglass blocks.

Next: EASY Hourglass Construction


  1. I think seeing your work and learning about your thinking process is mind-opening. To say it's a creative process is trite but true.

  2. I went back to your original post on this quilt. It is fun to see the project unfold and to understand your thought process. It is looking good. Maybe it will inspire me to get back to my Mariner's Compass.

  3. The medallion center is oh so good. I like that type design.

  4. Great quilt Jean.
    Thanks for sharing your progress with us!


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