Friday, July 27, 2012

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy ....

That's me. It IS summer and I am just doing everything I can to divert myself from getting anything done in my sewing room!  I jump from one distraction to another getting nowhere, it seems. Water a few flowers. Pull a few weeds. Throw in some laundry. Make a batch of blueberry scones. Take a walk. Uff-dah. Now I'm tired!

Sit in the sunporch and read for awhile - with my iced coffee.  (No this is not a food blog - it just looks like it!)

But no sewing. No progress on the many quilt goals I set for this month. Maybe I have too many things in the fire- too much to decide and my brain doesn't seem up to the task. It's been awfully hot here....
Reading seems to be my diversion of choice.Today I went to my public library to pick up a book on hold  (I'm into Swedish mysteries lately) and a garage sale sign beckoned. 

Look what I found!

The yardstick gives you an idea of the scale of the print. It's all cotton - 45" wide

Here's the selvage information - 
How mysterious! 
It's Swedish!!

I got 3 1/4 yards for $3!  Won't this make a great quilt back - or even a quick whole cloth quilt for a child? It joins the many other wonderful fabrics in my stash, all waiting to be considered the perfect fabric for the next project so they can get out of that dark room.

Do I have any Swedish followers? 

I do have some things to share about a recent study group meeting but ---- just  let me finish this chapter, okay?

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  1. Are those the scones you made? They look delicious!
    What a fun yard sale find--and even Swedish? Spooky! : )


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