Friday, July 6, 2012

Alzheimer's Quilt Update

9" square
I've been checking the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative site  weekly to see when my little bird quilt, Spring Song, might go up for sale or auction. It takes time for them to organize the many donations and assign them to either auction or sale. Today I was rewarded - check it out here. (#10296) It's priced at $50!

If you missed my two previous posts about this project and the vintage quilt which is the pattern source, check here and here. 

I have since made two more blocks using different fabrics. They need to be cut to size - I may finish them individually and donate them, also, or do one or two more blocks and make a small piece to keep. 

I have more ideas for future pieces; I notice the original designs and more contemporary works seem to have the highest prices so I'll give that a try.

Finding a way to prevent the onset of this devastating disease and to cure those already afflicted is crucial. I find contributing in this 'hands-on' way means more to me than making a cash donation. Do you have time to make a 9" x 12" (maximum) piece?

(UPDATE: The piece sold on 7-10-2012 for $50)

Flower Power - 1970's Piece Done!


  1. Such a cute bird applique. You have inspired me to make a quilt to donate!

  2. Wow! TWO quilts for the AAQI!

    Thank you!

    Ami :)


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