Friday, August 3, 2012

Embroidered Cross-Stitch Quilts

At our last study group meeting here in Minnesota we tried to cover the 1950-1970 era. We discovered it was a lot to cover in one day! 
Rosie Werner, our resident kit quilt expert, stated that kits continued to be very popular during this period; applique florals as well as cross-stitch embroidery. 
The X's were pre-stamped on the white background fabric and the quilting lines were also designated as is typical with kits. The embroidery thread was available as a separate item; often with more than one color palette.

This one from my collection is one of those rare's dated on the back corner in green thread. Thank you, anonymous maker, for taking the time to stitch the date on the back. I would have loved to know your name and where you lived, too!

The color scheme surely fits with the date - remember avocado green and gold?

Wedding Ring Kit Quilt
by Bucilla

The workmanship is excellent. It's beautifully hand quilted. I got it a few years ago at the flea market price of $32! Crazy.

The cross-stitch embroidered kit quilt seems 'under-appreciated' by many collectors today - probably obvious by the price I paid. Machines for quilting and embroidery have become more sophisticated, put out nice end products and surely take less time, but I believe that as fine handwork becomes increasingly rare these items will become more appreciated and sought after. There are some lovely examples.  

More vintage cross-stitched quilts:

             The same settings used in pieced or appliqued quilts can be seen. 

Central Medallion

The block setting for this type of kit below is often printed on vertical sections which are then sewn together.  Some companies did stamp individual blocks for embroidery, however.

Block setting - at least in appearance!

Enlarge to see blue dots indicating quilting lines 

Unusual design with swag border

Some cross-stitched children's quilts:

 Embroidered on pre-quilted yardage
which became available in the 1970's

Hot Air Balloon

Early to Bed - Early to Rise

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  1. I'm with you... I love these vintage cross-stitch quilts, and have several in my collection. Thanks for these photos.

  2. Always love the kit quilts. For more cross stitch quilts check out my album on Facebook.

    Lynn Evans Miller

  3. Great Lynn. Thanks for providing that link. Some of the photos I used in my blog, dear readers, are from Lynn's collection. Will anyone be able to access the photos on that link - even non-Facebook users?

  4. Looks like you had a great meeting. Nice examples.

  5. This is a neat topic. I bet you had fun. I have a top done that was never finished after all the work put into it. I often wonder what happened. It has so many stitches but it stopped at a top.


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