Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Flower Power" - Baby's Blocks Quilt Completed

17" x 21"

Here's my completed tribute to the 1970's. This time period was my March theme choice. See that post here.

It's hand pieced and quilted. 
I used poly batting which would have been typical of what was being used at the time and I like the effect in this design because the blocks do puff out a bit giving them more dimension. 

I have to say I didn't like quilting it - the needle slides too easily after being used to working with cotton or at least 80/20 blend.

I debated on how to finish the edges. I didn't want to just cut them straight and add a 'slab' border. I wanted the piece to really be a one-patch. Yet I felt it needed something.
The choice of the solid blue partial blocks at the top and bottom was influenced by......

this one patch top which I shared in a post last April.  Partial solid blue lozenge blocks were used for a straight edge at top and bottom.

...and by this quilt I made in 1976. Some of these same fabrics are in Baby's Blocks!

That blue just seemed to work in both cases. Of course, this fabric was a poly blend. Not much in cotton solids to choose from as I recall. 

 Oh. Good news to report. My Alzheimer's piece is SOLD!


  1. I love this little block quilt. Very cute, and very familiar fabrics. : )
    Congrats on your donation quilt selling!

  2. I love it!....my favorite pattern made with fabric that speaks to me...I remember those prints so well!

  3. Perfect way to use the fabrics. I like what you created. It turned out great. Neat using the poly.


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