Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alzheimer's Quilt Done

I finished it! Done done.
I used both vintage and contemporary fabrics and hand appliqued, embroidered and hand quilted it.  Being only 9" square it went very fast and was really fun to do.

I auditioned many fabrics for the binding....I tried plain red, checks on the bias, tiny polka dots .... but finally decided that using the same fabric as the border allows the bird be the center of attention.

I like a narrow single layer binding for small quilts. For this one I cut my strips just 1".

I came across this bird print in a New Mexico quilt shop on my last trip to Arizona. As I brought it to be cut the clerk said, "Oh, you're not taking it all, are you? I haven't cut some off for myself yet!"  I just got a yard so she was happy. I had no idea at the time that I was going to do this quilt....I think it's a perfect backing.

The website with rules and instructions for this fund raiser suggests this 'Easy Triangle' method for hanging the quilt. A thin dowel is inserted between the top two triangles and if the piece wants to curl a bit when hanging you can put one in the bottom, too.

I have registered it now and received an assigned number  10296.

It's going in the mail tomorrow and as soon as I find out it's either for sale or being auctioned I'll post again.

By the way, the May auction is now 'live' so if you want to participate or read more about it click here.

Here's the vintage quilt that inspired me:

Note the embroidered date on the back

If you didn't catch my first post about the Alzheimer's Project

Next: Hang It!


  1. What a cute little bird design. Don't believe I have ever seen it before. You made a great little replica of it. Very sweet--and yes, that is a perfect backing fabric.
    Clever method to hang (and straighten) a little quilt.

  2. I have not found any information on this applique pattern. I suspect it may have been one published in the many newspapers of the day - I hope anyone recognizing the source will let me know.

  3. Love this design! I believe the pattern is by Laura Wheeler. Twice I've seen it on ebay, and twice it has been sniped away for big $$. Maybe someday! Keep looking.

  4. Really!? Fantastic. I guess I haven't hunted very hard. Now I'm motivated to hunt a bit more for the source. Thanks for your input.

  5. Fabulous AAQI quilt!
    Looking forward to hearing when it 'is up'
    Such a great cause - and so organized!

  6. Hi Jean, Love the 1941 bird quilt! Wonder if someone just did their own variation of a published one.


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