Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another 'small' Top Completed - Dutchy 4 Patch

Here's another little Pennsylvania 'Dutch' project I made in my February 'theme'.

I chose a simple 4 patch to experiment with these colors. It's 'outside of the box' for me and for that reason was really fun to do.

20" x 24"

It's so much fun to say something is 'done'. I say it at each stage along the quilt creation highway.., " I'm done cutting those blasted triangles" or "At last the top is done". But as our realtor once said about houses - there's Sold and there's Sold/Sold. Only the latter is meaningful in that business.

To be Done/Done in the quilt world a  top needs to be quilted or tied, bound and labeled. Sorry fellow quilters, but as Edith Ann would say, "That's the truthhh!"
(if you don't get that you are too young to remember Lily Tomlin's character, Edith Ann. Here's a clip)

So. Yes. I do realize these small tops I'm crashing out will need to be quilted and  I love that part of the process, too, but right now I'm having so much fun making them I just can't stop. I promise I'll share them again when they are Done/Done!

Vintage Inspirations

Isn't this fabulous? Look how the maker alternated pink and yellow backgrounds for her 4 patch blocks. 
It currently belongs to Ann Hermes of Pennsylvania.....but it could belong to you! When I asked permission to use the picture in my blog she told me it is actually for sale right now on her Etsy site. I agreed to pass that information along to my blog followers. Take a look at her blog, too.
Crib Size
Crib Size

This little quilt was published in Miniature Quilt Ideas magazine in 2005. Does it look familiar; green sashing, pink and yellow alternating background fabrics.....?
(Hint: Made by Ann Hermes)

Mini - as seen by my thumb!
Made by Ann Hermes 

This tiny treasure was in the AQSG Silent Auction in New Jersey last fall. 

Did one of you win it?

Recommended reading for more about Pennsylvania style quilts:

 Quilting Traditions by Patricia Herr 

Quilts; The Fabric of Friendship, with quilts from the York County, PA quilt documentation project. 

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  1. Love all the 4-patch designs. The colors in the first one are wonderful. That little mini is so sweet!

  2. These are lovely little quilts Jean and like you I enjoy the whole process but sometimes I am just in a mood to piece. These books look interesting and I will look out for them to add to the ever growing library. Take care.

  3. oh I Love your little quilts and oh my that little quilt from the auction I wish I would have known I would have bid on that! I may just have to whip one up for myself!
    I have made pink and yellow quilts and LOVE them.
    I have a hard time using the lancaster blue you did a great job.
    These are probably two of my favorite top 5 quilt books
    I refer to these books a lot for inspiration.
    great post, thanks!

  4. Can't blame you for getting hooked on piecing these quilt tops... this one is so pretty. Why stop?

  5. Your top is so cute. It makes me think of some really wild argyle socks.

  6. Great quilt top! "And that's the truth...blthth!" I love Edith Ann! She always had such great observations on the world, from a kid perspective. I guess now I have given away my age!!

  7. You are on a great roll with these. Couldn't you just make four patchs forever?!

  8. Jan asks if I could make 4 patches forever. I seem to get that urge with each style. I want to make more little Amish solids, too! Maybe someday I'll spend an extended time exploring one theme - but there are so many I like I find it hard to limit myself for too long!

  9. I didn't win the mini, but I did make it. Someday I will tell you the story of how it ended up in the AQSG auction.

  10. By the way, I love your four patch. My favorite colors!

  11. I've updated my blog - I don't know how I forgot to include some examples I wanted to use of Ann's quilts and links to her blog and Etsy site!!


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