Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrift Store Fabric Finds - Shirtings

I got a couple of great shirts from Saver's at 50%  off today. Inexpensive to start with, shopping on additional discount days almost makes me feel guilty. Almost.
100% cotton shirts are plentiful in the men's department.  I start my hunt in the XXL section - the more fabric the better!  The back of this great plaid measures 26" x 27"; the perfect backing for a small quilt I have in mind and I'll still have the fronts and sleeves leftover.

This one will also work perfectly for an upcoming small quilt.

This is not a new habit. For years I've haunted thrift stores and church rummage sales where the last day is usually bag day..... and believe me, you can get lots of cotton shirts into a brown paper sack.
Here are some others from previous shopping trips....

My bin is stuffed full

Here's what I do with them after washing so they are ready to use. Cut the sections's a sleeve.
Fold neatly and store...until you have to dig through the bin and then all bets are off.

I cut this assortment into strips for use in repairing a log cabin quilt.

You don't think I'd throw the buttons, do you?
I string them onto a piece of the cuff

I don't limit myself to shirts. Jeans are another favorite re-use textile; denim or corduroy. I'll show you those some other time!


  1. Love that orange shirt, Jean. I have a pile of orange shirts--I love orange. Makes quilts sparkle!
    I put all of my buttons in a vintage canning jar--I also put labels in another jar. I think I may sew a label or two onto the labels of the quilts that are made just from shirts. : )

  2. Why is it all the great prints are sewn up for men's clothing?

  3. This is a fantastic idea. I think you could write a book called" thrift store quilts".


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