Thursday, March 1, 2012

Starting the Quilting - Amish Diamond in the Square

16" x 16"
I got one of my little tops ready for quilting today.
Do you remember the first of my Amish 'smalls'?

It was easy to do given the size!

It's not uncommon for classic Amish quilts to have a print, stripe or check on the backside so I am using the back of one of the shirts I got at the thrift store recently. (blue check 2nd from the left)

Choosing HOW to quilt a top can really cause a delay in getting the top done/done! I typically think about that all the way through the process; studying old quilts for ideas, but ultimately it requires simply making a decision and then finding a way to mark the top. Stencils are nice but are rarely the right size, it seems.

A feathered wreath is often seen in the center of this particular design. My center square is only 5" so I needed a simplified motif. I found this one on-line at Forest Quilting, which offers a really nice selection of free quilting motifs to print out. Check it out  here.

I thought this was it until I visited my friend, Lynn, who generously shares her books, sewing supplies and fabrics with me. After poring over her many books with quilting motifs I chose this one - and it was already the right size! If not, I would have used the copy machine to reduce or enlarge as needed.

Then I found this nice cable for the border - also just the right size.

We've all heard the 'make-do' phrase in relation to quilt making. Quilters in the past may have had to make-do with what they had more than most of us today but I honor the concept and enjoy using up small pieces, taking apart old tops for fabric and thrift store shopping.

Today I 'made-do' in another way. I created a light box by supporting an Ott floor lamp on a chair slid under the glass dining table in our rented condo and voila! Perfect.

I really like the General's pencils for marking. You can find them at Michael's (in art supplies not quilting accessories) and other art supply stores. They are not a fine line but they come with a sharpener and are available in either Sketch and Wash (graphite) or what they call 'charcoal white'. I have tested many markers and find these to wash out most easily. This means,  however, that they can start to rub off as you work so I mark as I go. I prefer this anyway because sometimes I don't know for sure what I want to do - or I change my mind as I work.

After I finished I noticed another even better light table in front of the couch posing as a coffee table.
 I could lay my small table Ott light on the shelf time!

I used Quilters Dream cotton (Request) batting  and I am using navy blue quilting  thread by Gutterman. The quilting is going quickly. I hope to show you soon!

Next: March Already?
New Theme Project Underway!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the process. I do similar things to create a "light box" for marking. : )
    I appreciate your input on marking pencils, since I have had bad experiences with them.
    This will be a beautifully "simple" (in the Amish sense) quilt!


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