Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Vintage Pink and Green

I was fortunate to visit a friend today with, shall we say,  a 'rather large' collection of quilts....and guess what I spied?

So before we move on....

Acquired at a recent AQSG silent auction

Fragment - two blocks of a once larger quilt

Backing and raw edge

This one adds a white shirting to the combo

Great block, don't you think?

Today's quiltmakers can look to vintage quilts for inspiration in color, design, and quilting ideas
If you are saying, "I don't like pink and green", consider working with the designs in fabrics and colors of your own choice.


  1. What a treasure trove of green and pink. My current favorite is brown and blue.
    I love the Goose in the Pond quilt block!

  2. oh I just love pink and green :)
    now you make me want to start one right now!!!!
    thanks for sharing

  3. Pink and green is a wonderful combination! It is fun to picture these in other colors, too, though ;) Loved seeing these!

  4. PInk and green is my second favorite color combo after pink and brown. It was a treat to see these beauties! So much inspiration!


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