Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Placemats - A Bit of Cheer

Stitch and Flip
I just completed some holiday placemats. I always think it would be so smart to make Christmas gifts in July rather than late November -  but I never do. I guess it just doesn't feel right to get out my tub of Christmas fabrics in the 90 degree weather.

A couple of years ago I gave some placemats I'd made to a friend who delivers 'Meals on Wheels'; a program that delivers a weekly meal to those in need of some help with cooking while staying in their own home. She  told me she folded the packaged meal within the placemat and that they were so pleased at the surprise!

So I am repeating that this year.

For the Stitch 'n Flip versions above I cut backings and a thin fleece about 13" x 19".  Starting around the center I placed one strip face up and another face down along that edge - stitched a 1/4" seam - flipped and finger pressed that seam. Then I pinned the raw edge to keep it in place, added another strip face down - stitched, flipped etc. You get the idea. It's nice because when you are done it is already quilted and after trimming it is ready to bind.

I used a couple of orphan blocks. . .

. . .  and tried a pattern from a 2010 Quilter's World magazine which is designed for, and more interesting when used with, a larger print.

Getting lazy now (or is it creative?) I used some leftovers from above for the last two.

I cut 1.25" single binding strips of coordinating fabrics which I stitched onto the backing, brought around to the front, folded in the raw edge and either straight or zig-zagged it down. Presto!

It was fun to do and I take pleasure in thinking they will make someone happy each time they use them.

The Christmas stash is not visibly diminished!

Are you doing any holiday gifts?


  1. They will certainly be day brighteners, Jean. Nice work--they are so festive. Who wouldn't love one?

  2. Oh, I was hoping to see photos of your placemats. They are gorgeous!!!

  3. Love your Christmas Placemats. So pretty. Great idea; I would like to try sometime. :)


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