Friday, December 27, 2013

Angels and Ornaments

After more than my usual number of postings in November I sort of fell apart but today I was motivated by another blogger who posted some photos of ornaments on her tree and her tree-top angel.
Take a look at Teresa's angel on her blog Fabric Therapy....
then look at mine. I think they must be related.

Following her lead I also snapped a few quick shots of some of the textile related ornaments I've gathered over the years. Some made by friends; some by me.
Just like quilts, the the dated ones provide extra special memories!

Our old-fashioned real tree is loaded with ornaments having special meaning from as far back as kindergarten efforts of glitter on a circle of construction paper to painted Snoopy ornaments. If I'm not in the mood to get into Christmas all it takes is getting out that box and starting to reminisce.

I hope you are all in the midst of a wonderful holiday season and I wish for you a fabric-filled new year and plenty of time to make it all up into quilts! 

2013 Wrap-Up 


  1. I like hand made ornaments. Thank you for sharing pictures of yours. The angel is sweet as can be.

  2. What a fun bunch of ornaments you have!! I think the angels may be sisters. Love the quilt over the bannister---is it made by you or did you collect it??

  3. Judy - the red and green applique is c. 1860. I bought it in Paducah one year . I do love it though I think I paid too much for it - one border is damaged. But it's lovely on display at Christmas or on a bed. I may have blogged about it before but the Search function isn't working for me so I can't be sure. I'll post a full view soon.Thanks for commenting.


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