Monday, November 4, 2013

Ripping Again!

Well, I'm back at it. I won this top at the AQSG silent auction in Charleston, SC, last month. Here's what it used to look like - it's a poor photo and from this distance it looks much better than it did in person, trust me!

It was poorly made in many ways but the squares are a nice size to do something with  (3.5" finished -give or take) and there are some great fabrics in it so....I started in.
Some people think I'm crazy. A friend watching me in wonder said, "Why don't you just cut it apart?"
That stopped me for a minute. I had never thought of that! But I went back to ripping. It just seems the right thing to do and preserves the most fabric.

Do you believe me now?
It was both hand and machine pieced and a real bear to rip out. On the hand pieced seams she took a back stitch about in the middle -common and a good idea for creating a strong seam but not fun from the ripping standpoint. On top of that she backstitched at least once at the end of each seam and when four seams come together - all backstitched -  what a nightmare.

I just have to wonder.
How could anyone think this could 'work'?
The funny thing is that in spite of all those secure seams she apparently didn't think it was important to cut each square the exact same size - OR to sew a consistent seam. Doesn't have to be 1/4" but consistent would be nice.

Have you joined the group that thinks I'm 'crazy'?
Can't blame you.

...TA DA

Done ripping.

A shoe box full sorted by color - they will be hand washed in color groups, pressed, errant threads cleaned up, re-stacked in their nice shoe box....and then the fun begins. What will I make?

I like to keep some element of the original in at least one of the resulting pieces so maybe the first one will use the Trip Around the World pattern pattern in some way.

For now, I'll put this shoe box next to the shoe box from the last top I ripped....I've made two doll quilts from that one already.

Links to the two posts about that ripping project as well as a link to ripping out some embroidered blocks and what I did with those:

Every morning, Every evening, Ain't we got fun!


  1. I bought a TATW quilt top that was assembled by hand, but the little squares were very random in size. It would not lay flat at all! I took a large square ruler and cut out squares that would lay flat, and reassembled the top with sashing and cornerstones (the cornerstones were leftover squares that were still whole after I had slashed up the top).
    Maybe you are a little crazy, but I can understand why you are doing it that way. : )

  2. Sounds interesting,Janet.Would love to see a the squares you cut out - large ones, were composed of lots of little squares? (thanks for at least 'understanding' my methods - not for everyone but different things give us satisfaction ! )

  3. I love the original...from a distance. But that back...oh my my :O

  4. I'm doing the same thing right now to try to salvage some nice pieces out of a strip of a quilt "gone bad" that someone else had already cut into when I acquired the one strip that I have. I think the original makers would be thrilled to see their work being honored and USED instead of stuffed in a drawer somewhere. At least that's my 2 cents. Happy ripping! And, like you, I didn't really consider "just cutting." It didn't seem the best way to preserve the most.

  5. P.S. That stack of authentic fabric you harvested is drool-worthy.

  6. For some reason, for some of us, this putzing around is more fun than going to the fabric store and buying new stuff....first of all they don't have vintage fabric! (but I have plenty of 'new' fabric, too, I admit)

  7. Feather Duster - that's why I wanted to show the back! I myself was very surprised when I viewed it through the camera lens...I had no idea it looked like that from it laying flat and I wondered if I should leave it as is but on closer examination the condition made me decide I could do something that would be quilt-able by taking it apart. Now you have me eager to start on something even though there are many other things in the list that should be ahead of it. I guess I'll go ahead with the washing and pressing and see how I feel!


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