Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Retirement...a new phase

For the past 11 years I have worked as a quilt appraiser, certified by the American Quilters Society. I decided to retire as of this June.

I have met so many wonderful people, seen thousands upon thousands of quilts and heard the many incredible stories passed down with those quilts. I have enjoyed travel and countless fulfilling experiences as an appraiser. A quick review of my database shows clients from thirty states from Arizona to Wyoming and from Canada, Ireland and Japan!
I am pleased to have helped promote the idea that quilts have value! It  has been especially rewarding to help family members gain a greater knowledge and appreciation of the quilt 'Grandma made'.
Makers of new quilts have learned how to properly insure their quilts with a documented insurance replacement value. Some quiltmakers have told me that their husbands have new respect for their work when they see the appraisal!

I have discussed quilt care, the pros and cons of finishing old tops and blocks and shared tips and advice on quilt care.
I have shared my knowledge and my personal quilt collection in many guilds and quilt events and I remain available for consultations, trunk shows and presentations.

My love for all things quilt is not diminished but rather it is expanding into new and exciting directions.
I plan to be blogging more often now on both my passion for quilt history and my own quiltmaking ventures....so  I do hope you'll stay tuned!

Now off to Duluth for the annual Minnesota Quilters show!

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  1. All the best in your retirement! Time to quilt? Lovely.


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