Saturday, June 15, 2013

Minnesota Quilt Show

Just back from a trip to Duluth, Minnesota, for the annual state quilt show. My sister and I look forward to a 'sister getaway' each June and always have a good time. This year was no exception. 

Our three hour drive north included a stop for lunch at Tobies in Hinkley and a few stops at antique stores. 

Here's a peek at quilt I couldn't pass up! The pieced stars are only 5.5" and the yellow setting squares really make it shine.

It combines hand and machine piecing. The hand quilting is utilitarian but it 'works' for me!
The backgrounds of the stars vary but each has the same blue center and solid red points. An unexpected floral print makes a fun backing!

The quilt show was held at the DECC center on the shores of Lake Superior. 

We both came home with some new ideas, a load of inspiration and a few necessary purchases!

Until next year....

Have you been to a quilt show lately? 
What effect does it have on your own work?


  1. That is a fun quilt find.
    I attended the Home Machine Quilting Show in SLC last month. It is fun to see all the quilts, but I don't quilt for "show" so most of the time it doesn't influence my work much. The quilts are so heavily quilted that they wouldn't be very soft to use. I want my quilts to be useful.

    1. I'm like you, Janet. I can admire and be awed by some of what I see but I like to make simpler quilts - ones that actually can be used on a bed. I was interested to see the 'modern' quilts and booths featuring the cleaner, simpler look that has become popular.

  2. Wonderful quilt! I would not have passed on this either.

  3. What a fun field trip, and that quilt is so striking. Good pick.

    1. Thanks - and when I tell you it was priced at $48....and I offered $40 - she said, 'well it's in a booth that is 20% off so it came to just over $38 with tax! (I usually make an offer no matter what it's priced....I figure they can always say no)


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