Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Comments anyone?

I am writing today with a question.
A follower that used to comment quite often has let me know that when she tries to comment now it doesn't go through. I am not an expert on settings and options so I thought I'd ask for feedback from you.
I do get some comments that are SPAM.....they contain a weird message that is poorly written and include their own website link. This prompted me to look into security and I discovered that I need to have comments sent to me first so that I can approve and 'publish' or 'mark as spam' and delete before they get to the site.
If you are a follower - officially listed as such whether identified or anonymous, would you try to Comment today to this blog? Just try it to see if it works and if it does say "Hi' or whatever. If not, my email address is available if you click 'view my complete profile' under my intro on the right.
If you are not a Follower but do read the blog are you able to comment?
I will work with your replies to make it easier to comment so we can all learn and share more effectively and with less frustration.

PS - to comment go to the bottom and if you are the first to do so you'll have to click "No Comments" (kind of strange but...) After the first comment it will show how many comments have been left.


  1. Hello Jean, I don't know if I've ever commented previously since I'm a fairly recent follower. Hope you receive this.

  2. Don't think I've had problems here, but I haven't tried commenting recently. DD#1's visit took me away from blogs for a while.

  3. Hope you get this. I am a follower.

  4. Hello Jean, just checking...Judith, Texas

  5. There is one blog that I can seldom leave a comment on and I have no explanation for it.

    1. Karen - did you mean this blog or another one? It works for this one. Thanks for writing.

  6. Hi Jean, looks like it is working now.

  7. Hi Jean - happy to comment1 Enjoy your blog and keeping in touch!
    Amy Korn

  8. I had to end up having my comments forwarded first to my email and so far it has worked well - technology is certainly there to frustrate us. Take care.

  9. Jean,

    I had no trouble leaving a comment when I actually sign in to your blog. Normally I just read it as an e-mail.


  10. I am a follower so am sending a test post for you.

  11. Thank you one and all - I am convinced it is possible to comment for most everyone with the settings I have. I didn't reply individually to all of you - there is such a thing as 'no reply' setting on YOUR end...and if you have that I cannot click and get your email addy. So once again, thank you. I know you are out there. Back to quilts!

  12. I usually don't have any problem leaving a comment....I don't know if I have ever commented on your blog....shame on me. I love the feedback on my I know how encouraging that is. Thanks for sharing your vintage quilts with us.

  13. looks like you're reassured but I just wanted to join the bandwagon. HI


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