Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm still here!

Hello again dear blog readers!

I apologize for disappearing after a busy March...and now April is over. I won't make any excuses although I do have some great ones, trust me...but I'll just show you a few things I'm working on.

Here's my Scottie Dog crib quilt in progress. ( Full view of the top in this previous post.)  I am hand quilting in a plaid design with rust thread. I wanted the quilting to be part of the design element of the quilt and I'm happy with how it looks. When each stitch is so visible I find it easier (and more important!) to concentrate on 'even and straight'. I hope to improve as I go AND I hope to be showing you the finished quilt soon!

32" x 37"

I also put together a little quilt top for an upcoming baby shower. I will baste and machine quilt this one as it needs to be done soon!
I found the pattern in Quilt Along with Emilie Richards. She writes the Shenandoah series of fiction with quilt related themes and has put out pattern books for the quilts in her novels. I adapted the border.

14.5" x 22"
Then one day I washed a little doll quilt I found on my travels. Sometimes I look for things to avoid doing real work!

c. 1900   Machine quilted

I decided I just had to have it clean. I knew the brown stains would be unlikely to be improved but it was filthy. I hand washed with Orvus soap, spun in the washer and then laid flat to dry outdoor with a light cotton dish towel over it. I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes on low to fluff it a bit after it was dry. Considering it was made about 100 years ago I think it turned out fine...risky but I did it.

Here's the back - a printed patchwork some call 'cheater' fabric but I learned at an AQSG seminar that 'printed patchwork' is a more descriptive and appropriate term..and I agree.

I am wrapping up my appraisal business and finishing up work from the Northfield and Mankato quilt shows in Minnesota. I hope to have MORE time to sew and share my passion for textiiles and quilts with you very soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your Scottie Dog quilt is amazing.

    1. Thanks so much-the only responses I've had on this post were all spam until now :)- I do appreciate you taking time to follow and comment!

  2. I realized we'll be in Lincoln about 6 days. I"ll go visit your quilt. You can give me a list of "must sees" or what to dos later.

  3. We'll be in Lincoln for a number of days this month. I'll go visit your quilt. You'll have to give me a list of "must sees" and "how tos".


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