Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to Quilt

(Shown on the bird print backing I've chosen)
It's finally time to start quilting my L O N G term project....medallion quilt.  (See full view here)

Over the years I have tried a variety of things....wooden hoops - both circles and ovals; both large and small.

I've tried the PVC type standing rectangular frame.

I guess I thought that hand quilting with a frame was the way it should be done but after trying all these methods what I really preferred was pin basting and then working in my lap without a hoop. I've done that for years now.

Then I heard someone raving about the standing hoop and mentioned to a friend that maybe I should give it a try.

I'm always open to new ideas and to rethinking how I do things. Maybe the even tension provided by a hoop would result in nicer stitches.

Well, she just happened to have one in her attic that she said I could borrow!

I had  my medallion quilt basted by a friend who does long-arm quilting. She did a straight grid about 5" apart in both directions.

I am so thrilled to have escaped the huge job of pin basting such a large quilt and dealing with the pins when using a hoop is a major hassle.

So, I'm going to give it a try. I'll keep you posted!

Hand quilters....what is your favorite method?
How did you arrive at that choice?


  1. I quilt on that very same hoop. I can't get even stitches without the tension--and I tried the PVC frame--didn't care for it. I've had my hoop for about 15 years. I don't hand quilt very much, but when I do, that is my preferred method.

  2. I prefer a lap hoop. My preferred seating doesn't go with a floor stand. lol

  3. For small quilts (baby and smaller) I use a round hoop. For bed size quilts I have a home made frame made with 2" X 2" lumber with small cross boards held together with "C" clamps. Then I set it between the twin beds in my son's room (he's gone from home - so it can stay up full time!) I, too, prefer having the tension. Tell us how you like this frame!!


  4. Tim Latimer raves about the standing hoop. His blog talks a lot about hand quilting. Let me know if you need the URL. Very much worth checking out.

  5. I like to quilt in a hoop on my lap. Have tried frames and can't quite get the same stitch rhythm going. Plus I'm not so good at quilting in any direction. The hoop I can turn to match my preferred direction. I like the wooden hoop, but also use the Q-Snap lap version like the one in your photo.

  6. I like the floor hoop for larger quilts. The weight it too much for lap quilting (though I do have to use a different chair/seat than I normally use!)

  7. Yes. I've followed Tim's blog for a long time. Maybe that's even where I got the idea...his video of how he hand quilts. He does get so much done!

  8. Yes, Yankee Quilter....the sheer bulk of a large quilt can really be an issue with quilting in your lap. I forgot to mention that but I know it's true!

  9. Hi Jean - For me it depends on the size of the quilt. I have a large one in the floor frame - no basting needed. I do the outline quilting then take it off and use a hoop...only because I find the seating with a hoop more comfortable. Small quilts - no hoop or frame.
    Love your project!


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