Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Inspiration

August already. I hate when this happens.
Summer goes zooming by. Back-to-school ads begin to appear, the Minnesota State Fair looms at the end of the month and I even saw a couple of sumac leaves starting to turn red on my walk yesterday.
As you may know, I set monthly goals for my quilt related life all through the year but somehow the 'end of summer' makes me panic. But this year, the London Olympics are helping to motivate me.

The dedication and hard work the athletes exhibit - long term - is really amazing to me. I do not compare my life or achievements to the athletes stories but I am inspired by people who have goals in any field and are willing to work hard to achieve them...thus.... I have given myself  a virtual 'kick in the behind' to apply more energy and focus on my goals.

I usually bite off more than I can chew and may have done it again for August - but I thought I'd try sharing my list with all of you in hopes that promising to post the results at the end of the month will be motivational!
Thankfully, a gold medal is not at stake!

So here's what I am going to do:

    Finish my Scottie top - crib size

Finish my Mariner's Compass top - full size              

    (friends are doubtful!)

Finish my Amish Bars - just the outer border to hand quilt 

And in my spare time....

    Play with denim.

 Watch for my report on September 1.


  1. I admire your goals. I never set them unless the quilt is needed for a specific date--then I have to kick in gear. I hope things come together for you. That is a great feeling!

  2. I have been inspired by the wonderful feats of the olympians and good luck with your "list". Take care.


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