Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PA Four Patch Done . . . Etc.

18.5" x 22.5"
I finished hand quilting and binding my little February project - I took this photo without flash because it shows the quilting better. The close up is better color. 

As you recall from my first post about this I used the back of a man's shirt from Goodwill for the backing. Again, I went with an ultra narrow binding. 

Remember this one?

I do enjoy hand quilting - I have a big king sized quilt that I am working on (a repair, actually)  but the weather is getting warm so I want to have a small piece going....So I think I'll baste the little Amish Bars and dig in. It's only 19" x 21". What color thread should I use?

I am inspired by Tim Latimer's blog. He loves to collect vintage tops and finish them...  and he gets so much done! Reading his posts reminds me that just keeping at it really works. Check him out if you need a nudge and to see some really nice completed projects.

I'm also making progress on my 1970's Tumbling blocks which is hand pieced. My goal is to finish that top this month....

And I'm sewing strips together - trying to 'use up' some of them....

Stay tuned!


  1. Are you surprised that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your PA 4 patch quilt?

  2. I love your PA 4 patch, and I recommend black thread for your Amish quilt.

  3. love the 4 patch and well the rail fence quilt will be fun to make I have made a few and now making another one too!!!!
    I recently have bought solids to start making little amish quilts :)
    scary huh?

  4. Love the quilt you've just finished. You got me started on Amish mini quilts too...I'm just VERY far behind.

  5. This is not a race! Just keep going....:)

  6. I love that you used a goodwill shirt for the backing!...what a great idea....beautiful quilt

  7. Love your colors ....darling little quilt!

    :) Carolyn


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