Friday, March 16, 2012

Arizona Quilt Show

Last week I attended the annual AQG show in Mesa, Arizona where I was fortunate to get a very close look at the official Centennial Quilt. 
It was made by a "team of quilters, historians and artisans from across the state" and it will become part of the permanent collection of the Arizona Historical Society. It depicts the history and various features of this diverse state from desert to mountain elevations.

I thought you might enjoy a closer on any photo for even closer examination.

This is the back of it - the names of all contributors are listed. It was quilted separately so basically two quilts are joined into one to allow custom quilting on each side.

The design, artistry and workmanship is astounding. Cudos to those who had anything to do with its creation. It is truly a treasure for the state of Arizona.

I also snapped a few other photos......
Since I'm working on my diamonds these two caught my eye.

And....I was surprised to see this quilt made with fabrics from the 1970's.  I recognized several exact prints in my collection. Maybe they are making a comeback!

Could the rapid rise in cost per yard of fabric today be encouraging us to take a new look at our stashes?

Next Weekend: Regional Quilt Study Meeting
Tucson, AZ


  1. The Arizona quilt is amazing! Those involved did a great job!
    I recognize many of those 70s prints, too. I wasn't quilting then, but my Mom was and I think some of them are in her quilts.

  2. the Centennial Quilt is just beautiful, thanks for the close ups It really was well thought out, designed and made. What a nice thing for them to do.
    ah yes I do think we all are trying to use more of our fabric collections now vs just stocking up on more, don't you?

  3. Yes, Kathie. I suspect more quilt makers are shopping in their own closets - how about it.?? I know not all my followers are quilters but if you are, have you been exploring what you already have as you plan your quilts? Send me a comment.

  4. The collaborative quilts are so important - having so many hands involved in the piece makes it an even larger treasure for the state. Vested interest!
    They can bring generations of family to see it.

    Thank you for the diamond quilt pics. Love them - I always enjoy Maxine R's work with strips, diamonds and triangles. One of the few I've made more than one quilt from. Looking forward to seeing your diamonds again.


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