Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping up the Year with 'The Babes'

Just a quick post to show you the red and white quilts made by a small group I belong to. We're called 'The Babes'; originally The Quiltin' Babes but that's another story for another time!

The red and white quilt exhibit, Infinite Variety, at the Armory in New York last March certainly made an impact across the quilt world. I think it must have been the most talked about event among quilt lovers in 2011.
Even those of us that couldn't attend were blown away by the graphic power of the quilts and the amazingly creative manner of displaying them, not to mention the story of the wonderful collection of Joanna Rose.
It inspired someone in our small group to suggest it would be fun if we each made a red and white quilt to show at at our holiday party.
The Results....
 Yes. There was a bit of  (red) wine on the premises! 

Click here for the first of three blogs about red and white quilts from my personal collection.

Coming Soon: On to 2012
Setting Quilt Goals


  1. Your quilts are wonderful and am sure Mrs Rose will be honoured you Babes have taken up the mantle for the next Red and White Exhibition in some years to come.

    I was there and it certainly was inspiring but have yet to get round to making one YET!

  2. What a fun looking group of "babes", Jean. Those are some lovely red and white quilts.

  3. What a great idea... and such babe-licious quilts!

  4. What a fun gathering and fabulous collection of projects.
    Nice to see a few familiar faces ;-)


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