Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Changing of the Quilts

I changed the quilt on the guest room bed yesterday. I am not ready to put Christmas red and green on yet but I was ready for a change.

I don't join too many group projects but I did get in on my small group nine-patch exchange a few years ago. At each meeting we shared 3"  blocks and after a year we each had over 300 hundred of them. (We meet twice a month.) We each set them any way we liked. I chose this setting and had some nine-patches leftover.

I used a cream ground with red print shirting as background and a red with black print in a Jacob's Ladder variation.
This is the first  of only two quilts I've ever had machine quilted. I was pleased with it and loved how fast quilting goes when you do it with a checkbook!

Here's the block isolated.

Finally, we all showed off our work.  How often do twelve people start a (big) quilt project and EVERYONE finishes? A great spot for our photo, don't you think?


  1. Lovely quilt, an the group photo is outstanding. Isn't it fun to see the same set of blocks set together in such different ways... every one of beautiful and imaginative. That is a perfect spot for a group photo to fit in all the quiltmakers and their quilts.

  2. Love your 9 patch, and seeing what everyone did with theirs!
    I do most of my holiday decorating later than others, too. Just not ready the day after Thanksgiving!

  3. If you make it with a 9-patch, it's got to be good! Your quilt is beautiful. I love it! And the photo with all of the quilts and their makers shows how versatile this little block can be. I'm guessing that is you up there behind the quilt we also see in the photo on the bed. Fun to put a face with the name! : )

  4. Wonderful, Jean - both your own quilt, and the entire group's! Thanks so much for sharing these.

    Mary in SD

  5. Great pattern choice, loving how the red sets everything off. Fun remembering the exchange and so glad to have been a part of it.

  6. Love the group shot!! Very fun to see all of the variety.
    Great quilt - for lucky guests.

  7. Now that is a great spot indeed to show and photograph so many quilts at once! I am impressed that you got them all done at once!


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