Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Color Graphics (and the Benefits of a Study Group)

Here are the two most recent additions to my quilt collection. I am a sucker for two color quilts. Blue and white is especially graphic but I like them all.

Hearts and Gizzards - Dutch Rose - Springtime Blossoms
Take your pick
At the end of October I was on my way home from our Minnesota study group museum field trip with a fellow quilt lover. Of course, we had to stop here and there even though both of us insist we are cutting back on collecting. There are times, however, that you just may come across something really special or very reasonable or...well, you know the rest.
I found this sweet little quilt and it fit into three categories that I'm interested in:
  1. Two Color 
  2. Crib Size (46" x 52")
  3. Machine Quilted-specifically a particular type of machine quilting seen here on the back of this quilt.

I believe it was done on something called a 'jig'; a forerunner of today's long-arm machine. I think it operated something like the John Flynn system but I need to do more research on it. I've seen the same designs on several quilts.

Here are a few more photos with this type of quilting from my collection. I don't have very good photos - hopefully if you click to enlarge you can see the design better.

 If you know more about this machine quilting I'd love to hear from you.

78" square

And this is the quilt I got last week. I saw an estate sale sign on the way to our study group meeting on wool quilts (in the last post). Darn. I thought - I better pass it up and get to the meeting. However, I was early! The library we meet in wasn't even open yet. So....yup! I turned around and went back to the sale. I knew my time was short so I quickly asked when I walked in,  "Any quilts?" The lady at the door thought so - in the basement. I spied this from the bottom step -  folded on a couch. I moved in hoping I didn't have to elbow anyone out of the way.....but luckily there was no competition and the price was right.

The same crescent moon indigo print is used throughout with plain white. 

It's hand quilted with a feathered wreath in the plain blocks and straight diagonal crossed lines in the checkerboard.

I really like the triple border; especially the way the corners just go off the end. 

Maybe it's a good thing that we don't have another meeting until spring.

Coming Up: December? Yikes!


  1. I love the indigo and white! I can see why you couldn't pass it up...a real beauty

  2. In my readings I had come across the fact that some quilts were quilted by machine in the earlier 1900s, but I have never actually seen any. This was fascinating to me--very similar to some of the current machine quilting designs you see around. I had assumed they would have just been straight line quilted.
    Beautiful blue/white quilt. Lucky you! (That is an expensive meeting to attend.) LOL

  3. The estate sale find is a beauty...looks like the maker loved Civil War reproduction prints! Unless you are incredibly lucky and it is not a reproduction ;)

  4. Two-color quilts are just so appealing. Simple is often best. These are great finds. It will be interesting to know what you learn about the early machine quilting.

  5. Brandy - I WAS lucky. This is indeed a vintage quilt. (I only buy vintage quilts-the others I make myself!) With only two fabrics (one being plain white!)there's less help in estimating a date. I'm dating it between 1880-1910. According to Barbara Brackman, celestial indigo prints were popular in that time period and other clues such as binding style as well as design, density and quality of quilting support that. Your comment shows that the repros are pretty darn good! Thanks for visitng my blog and for your input!

  6. Lucky girl! Congratulations on the score at the estate sale!

  7. Indigo quarter moons are my most favorite of the antique fabrics.
    I am so jealous!!!!! What a great find for you.

  8. Oh my goodness, it is an antique? You are very lucky indeed! And the quilt is lucky to be in good hands :) My father loves Civil War period anything, and I plan on making him a quilt with the indigo crescent moon reproduction fabric. I've never seen a photo of an quilt with the orignal moon fabric! Thanks for sharing with us!


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