Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Scrap Top Completed

54" square
Perfect size for my dining room wall

Several years ago I went to a lecture by Kaye England , (a hilarious speaker by the way!)

I bought a pattern called Country Lanes which I came across recently during a much needed culling of 'stuff' in my sewing room.
I said to myself, "Either make it or get rid of the pattern."

You may know I like working with scraps    so .  .  .

. . . out came bags, tubs and drawers of bits and pieces; all colors and styles.

I had enough of a tan print for the major background pieces but used a mixture of neutrals in the pieced sections.

The close up to the left shows how placing three light square in corners of some sections creates the illusion of circular shapes.

1" finished squares
I prefer the less precise look of varied backgrounds plus it allows me use what I have.

I did not buy one speck of fabric for this top.

I did not 'strip piece'. 

I cut 1 1/2" squares from what I had making piles of various colors, then just sewed light to dark over and over...and over, creating 9 patches of various configurations.

Do you have scraps to 'use up'?

 Here's a link to the Pattern


  1. I love it. I too had seen her years ago and found her funny and entertaining. That pattern is the one I'm using as my leader and ender. I'm using strips tho. Yours looks gorgeous

  2. Gorgeous, Jean. I have always wanted to make this design. Thanks for the link to the pattern!

    1. Kathleen replied that she is using leader and ender squares to make it. Good idea - just start cutting 1.5" squares!

  3. I have only just discovered your blog, love this quilt, however I skipped around your posts and came upon your post about your 2 wedding quilts made by your Aunt Agnes. What a wonderful and generous woman she must have been! A true inspiration. Thanks for sharing her with your blog readers.

    1. Welcome and hope you begin to follow me. you can sign up to get an email when a new blog is published. I recently made a wedding quilt for my son which prompted me to think again about Agnes....making us another quilt! I was aghast at thinking how I'd feel if the kids told me theirs was stolen...would I make another? I would, of course, but YIKES....what a thought.

  4. A while back, I watched a series of classes online at Craftsy done by Kaye England. I found her very interesting to watch and listen to.

  5. Great to see it finished! Looks wonderful.
    Do I have scraps....let me think about that....

    1. haha. I can help you there if needed! I ended up cutting too many - you can start with those!


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