Friday, July 29, 2016

Embroidered Crib Quilts Part II

hand quilted
Here are a few more of my embroidered crib quilts along with one recent purchase that I assume to be for a doll.
Of the quilts shown in this and the previous post, you can probably tell which ones were kits; certainly those with pre-quilted backgrounds would have been and the central motif styles as well.
The individual blocks such as the previous Scottie and the others with miscellaneous animal images were probably available commercial motifs which were set in various ways by individual makers.

The Maypole
Applique combined with embroidery

35 x 48

Here is one that stands out as different from the other examples in a couple of ways. It's a bit larger in size and many of the blocks include a name or initials indicating that several ladies contributed to the work. 
51" x 70"
Unusual, too, is the setting which groups the bigger motifs in the central portion with the blocks on three edges quite different; all with small motifs that are unsigned. Maybe the maker wanted the quilt to be bigger but in the interest of time, those simpler blocks served to extend the size.

The elaborate lettering style of the names and initials lends a personal and decorative  touch but sadly, no one thought to add a date. Redwork embroidery was popular around the turn of the 20th century so I would date this c. 1910.

And last but not least is this little single layer of plain white cotton embroidered with the adorable Teddy Bear images produced by Willliam Pinch and the Rainbow Quilt Block Company in the 1930's 
 It is bound with what appears to be a commercial bias tape. 

17" x 20"


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