Monday, July 25, 2016

Embroidered Crib Quilts Part I

hand quilted in simple grid
As promised in my last post, here are some embroidered vintage crib quilts from my collection. You'll recall that my sister noticed the cross-stitched outline of  the images in the little quilt I showed in my last blog.  She thought that was unusual and she was right. The stem or outline stitch is the most common technique used in thirteen examples in my collection. Most use two or more strands of six strand embroidery thread but some use a single twist, probably perle cotton, which has a different look.

 Here's part one. Click on any image for a closer look.
 You'll notice a theme.

30 x 34

Outline stitch in black

More animals:

33 x 40

tiny motifs!

simple grid hand quilted overall

 A prayer - with animals

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep  33 x 53

machine quilted through motifs

Bambi ...with  -you guessed it, animal friends

Pre-quilted background

Bambi  35 x 55

Hot Air Balloon with ..... bear and  bunny

 32 x 43
Pre-quilted back. The maker applied a fleece backing - probably to cover the embroidery threads.

No outlining - all cross-stitch

Celestial Bears

Motifs defined with short straight stitches
Hand quilted with gold thread

41 x 54

Early to Bed

 Cross-stitched except for outline stitches for the face and hands
Done on prequilted back

36 x 57


35 x 51

Each with a different comment. This one, " Wake up"
Hand Quilted

Ring Around A Rosy
 33 x 44

Again all cross-stitching

I have a few more embroidered examples that are not animal themed. I'll post them at the end of the week and then move on to share with you a couple of recent "salvage" projects


someday, I'll feature my pieced and appliqued crib quilts....

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