Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quilt in a Day II - Amish Bars

19" x 21"
Here's one I put together today; the 2nd in what I think will become a series. It's just too much fun! I think I could get into this helps me feel better about the ones that have been in progress for years and years!

To decide what I want to do I look at examples in my books and on-line. I study their characteristics, variations and use of color. The bars design seems to always have an uneven number of strips.

I used five colors of solid cotton. The little corner squares are a slightly brighter purple. The vertical strips finish at 2".

Here are a few vintage bed size examples from the collection at the IQSC

No Corner Squares

Triangle border
Triple bars
And some variations making use of small leftovers:

Inspired to work with solids in the Amish look? 
Type "Amish" in your search to see 340 examples!


  1. I love the simple, clean lines of these quilts, but I equate them with amazing hand quilting. I already have a couple of quilts in line for my amazingly slow hand quilting. I can't do that to myself. : )

  2. I love amish quilts and are very much inspired by them
    I need to start collecting solids to make a few.
    ah yes making doll quilts isn't it fun?
    I loving making them just for that reason to have a finish and enjoy using them thru out my home AND my wall of little quilts....nice to be able to switch some of them out once in a while.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the fabrics you chose. And the examples... it goes on and on, doesn't it? Are you planning to make a "coins" style like the last two examples? All so pretty.

  4. Hi Jean- thanks for stopping by my blog... somehow I missed your post on the long skinny points in your triangle border. These simple bars quilts are a relaxing change from those pesky templates! But it's all looking good!


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