Friday, January 27, 2012

Books: Information & Inspiration

One of the things I miss most when traveling is access to my extensive library of quilt books. Currently numbering about 500, it includes how-to and pattern books, all the state documentation books, block books, books on every style from Amish to Welsh, vintage titles such as No Time on My Hands,(the inspiring story of Grace Snyder), exhibit catalogs, museum collection booklets and more.
One of the first and most inspiring to me as a new quilter was Calico and Beyond by Roberta Horton, published in 1986....

...and my most recent will be  Amish Quilts and the Welsh Connection by Dorothy Osler, which has me I anxiously checking  the mail delivery each day. Just when I think I must have enough books ... along comes another!

The good news, however, is that temporarily lacking my own personal library, I am lucky to be close to a wonderful public library!! I was posing for a photo of me with all the quilt  books I was checking out the other day - a pile in each arm - when they started to slip....

"Isn't there a limit?" said my DH
"To what?", I replied.

... and I'm grateful that I  have quilting friends nearby who share their extensive libraries with me.

I don't know about you, but I use my books. I browse constantly for information, ideas and inspiration. In fact, I was having trouble falling asleep at night and realized it might be related to my habit of browsing quilt books in bed....not a calming influence!

Support Your Public Library!


  1. Browsing quilt books in bed before trying to sleep would tend to have the opposite effect than desired, I would think. Isn't the idea to get the brain to close down for the night? You are turning on the creative juices and getting thoughts going. Good luck with that! : )

  2. Browsing quilt books at night is not good for me either. I have often found myself digging through the fabric stash and cutting until the small hours.

    Perhaps just reading a quilt novel is a better option. But hey you might not be able to put that down either.

  3. As I read your comments, I was reminded that I have that book. I have not looked at it in quite a while so it is time to read it again. I wholeheartedly agree with you on supporting your public library but my personal library has more quilting books than the local library so I use both. Enjoy your winter.

    Theresa Westrup

  4. Your are so funny. Love the picture, you look like a kid in the candy store!

  5. Like you I am lucky enough to have an extensive quilting library and I am forever delving into it - sometimes to do some research and other times just for inspiration and pure enjoyment. I can hardly get near my side of the bed for stacks of books. Take care.

  6. this made me laugh! one can never own enough quilt books or take enough out of the library!
    I am always looking for suggestions of quilt books so please keep them coming! I love finding old ones and buying them used , cheap!
    so tell us which ones are good that you borrowed? good enough to buy?
    how is the book falling? treasury of quilt patterns?


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