Friday, November 4, 2011

Wool Bricks - Another One-Patch

I didn't crop this one ...
 thought you'd like to see a quilt with legs...
and fingers!
I forgot this one (and probably a few more!)
I brought it home from our cabin when we closed it up for the winter a few weeks ago.

I got it as a partial top along with a box of the rest of the wool rectangles - all pinked edges and the same size. Some had the paper still on the back from being pasted into a salesmens sample book. I suspect this is the origin of many brick quilts - the wool ones at least.

I added more rows alternating lights and darks until I ran out of lights. Now I wish I'd just used these extras up by doing a row or two around the whole thing in the medium/darks for a subtle border.

I backed it without a batting and tied it, originally with cotton embroidery thread which I must have tied wrong because they started coming out. I then started replacing those with red wool...but am not thrilled with that either. I did a blanket stitch around the outer edge. Definitely a utility quilt... My son grabs this first when he hits the couch - it really is instant warmth.

November 18th our Land of Lakes Quilt Study Group topic is wool quilts. I love them and think they are largely under-appreciated.  I'll share more about that meeting soon.


  1. Great utility quilt--and I love a quilt with legs and fingers. I also love what I see of the room in the background--I bet it is charming.
    Love the warmth of wool, but as I have aged I have become more sensitive to it. As a young mother I made most of my clothes and I had a couple of skirt and vest sets in wool that I loved. I have finally donated the last wool sweater I owned. Even with a turtleneck between me and the wool I couldn't stop scratching.

  2. Love all those suiting swatches. Nice job making the pieces into something cozy and useful.

  3. what a great quilt....It makes me want to wrap up in it and take a inviting!


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