Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still more Red and White

Eternal Chain 1999
I made the three quilts in today's post.   Miniature 4 patches create an interesting diagonal ‘chain’ with the 9 patch blocks.  The fabrics are cotton; a plain creamy muslin and a red print.  I believe it was featured in a magazine. I hand quilted it as I was recovering from my first knee replacement.

Millwheel 2004
I made this quilt for the ‘Two Color’ quilt study for AQSG in 2004. I figured out  how big the blocks in the original must have been to achieve the size listed  ( 40 x 44) , drafted the blocks, made templates of cardboard and hand pieced it. I changed the zig zag border by letting it ‘go off the ends’ rather than match nicely. I’ve always wanted to do that. I hand quilted it. You can see the original in Small Endearments by Sandy Fox.

Hawaiian Breadfruit 2007
I have long admired these quilts but it seemed wise to try a wall size. This measures 40.x 40. I loved doing it. I used a pattern by Poakalini .  The pattern stated that the Breadfruilt in red and white was the most traditional first quilt. Part of the time I was working on it I was meeting with a small Hawaiian quilt group at The Bernina Store in Phoenix. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was nice to do appliqué with just one color thread. The process of folding, marking, cutting and basting to the background was interesting but tedious. The appliqué and quilting were fun.

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