Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Red and White Quilts

I got this quilt at an AQSG seminar silent auction some years ago. I had taken the Southern Quilts study center and had also seen a similar one at a Gees Bend exhibit. It is constructed in blocks with curved pieces at each corner;  when assembled gives a snowball appearance. The white background is actually a very faded red on white print.It’s in poor condition but I’m a sucker for graphics and I believe I got it for about $8. Maybe one of you donated it!

Rolling Stone TOP
(or Squirrel in a Cage)             
I found this top in an antique store in Wisconsin several years ago. There was a navy poly blend gathered ‘skirt’ about 20” deep on all sides. I was barely able to restrain myself from stopping somewhere to get a seam ripper to take it off. Both fabrics are solid. I would like to quilt this one.


 Rolling Stone 2 
   This was another AQSG Silent Auction purchase at the most recent seminar in Minneapolis. It is the same block as the TOP shown above with the colors reversed.. It is made of  two fabrics; a shirting (black on white) and a red print and it is hand quilted. It is quite worn. The binding had been added later and applied too tightly so I am in the process of removing that. Underneath is the original binding of the same white shirting- very frayed. There is too much general wear to warrant trying to make any repairs or restorations. I think I will just enjoy its graphic appeal and honor it for having served its purpose over many years.


Tree Everlasting
This is my most recent red and white purchase. I got it in Stillwater, MN. The fabrics are both solids. The quilting is a simple grid but very dense. I love strippy formats and the sawtooth points add excitement. I wouldn’t exactly call the design rare but I don’t see very many.

Next Time......Red and white quilts I've made.

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