Thursday, May 12, 2016

State Birds and Flowers Revisited

Recently I received two emails that revived my interest in continuing to write this blog.
 In May of 2011 I wrote a blog on a state birds and flowers quilt. Can that be?
Stop. That was FIVE years ago!
I need a minute.
Okay. I'm back. Phew.
Click on the link above to read about a quilt I saw displayed at an interstate rest stop. I knew it was a vintage pattern or kit.  That led me to research the pattern and write a blog about it. Now, years later, the information was of help to two women at about the same time. Both had some parts and pieces they were trying to make sense of.

Jenne Scigo sent me photos of her box of pieces and the progress she's now making on completing the top.

Coming along!

Linda Miller found a set of embroidered state blocks her mother had embroidered. She put the top together and wondered how it should be quilted. She did some research. The photos in my blog helped her see what the pattern recommended.
Both were grateful to be able to move forward on these projects that got interrupted for one reason or another. It's satisfying and rewarding work.
(Linda, if you are still reading my blog I can't find the photo you sent via email. If you'd send it to me again I'd love to add it to this space!)

How many partially done projects do you have in boxes, bags, drawers and cupboards? Isn't it lovely to think that someone, sometime in the future, will make the effort Linda and Jenne did to finish something you started with all the best intentions?

So I'll continue to post quilty things having been reminded that things on the internet are there forever and people are researching things every day.

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  1. What a cool old quilt design.
    You never know who will be reading what you have written, do you? : )

  2. Yes, keep posting! It is rewarding to hear from previously silent readers who benefitted from a post. Great job!


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