Friday, January 29, 2016

Was it Something I Said?

I noticed that I lost a bunch of followers in one felled swoop recently. I checked my more recent post for anything that may be offensive!
After hearing that others had the same experience, I learned that it was due to Google deciding to require followers to sign up for Google Plus. They recommend we let the now absent 'followers'  know through a blog post which seems like ridiculous advice now that those who were dropped CAN NO LONGER ACCESS THE BLOG.
Well, anyway. I will carry on a bit more but resent this controlling approach.
Any input from other bloggers or followers?


  1. My understanding is that they just need to have a Google account, not necessarily Google+. I do not have Google+ and I still have access to all of my blog roll. Yes, I lost a bunch of followers, too.

  2. Interesting. I haven't signed up for Google Plus yet I got your email. It must be more complicated than that or some other combination of factors. Good luck with figuring it out though!

  3. The same thing happened to me. I lost 9 followers in one day. Thanks for letting me know about the problem. Hugs

  4. I'm so sick and tired of Google and Blogger and all the other online companies who decide they'll be giving us some version of "new and improved"--especially when everything seemed to be working just fine. I'm not a comfortable techy person--and too old to want to keep up with all the changes. I wish they'd just leave us alone.
    I hope the followers that were dropped find their way back to you. I see I'm still a follower, and I'm glad for that.
    Stay warm and comfortable up there in MN. Looks like we here in northern Iowa have an ugly amount of snow and wind coming Tues and Wed, and then the temps drop down again. I HATE WINTER !

  5. Hi from Spain.I have a Google Plus account and follow you since a few days ago. I commented your last entry Could you read it? Or had any problem with reply?

  6. I lost forty followers in one foul swoop. I was beginning to wonder if I had upset them, but I couldn't find a post that would have done that! I'm not sure how to fix the problem but I agree, it sure sucks

  7. Thanks to all of you who commented. At least I know I'm not alone. I don't understand the ins and outs of it all but hope anyone who is interested in my blog on occasion will find a way to sign up again.

  8. Your emoji really caught my attention. And I'm still here and continually amazed at your quilts and your challenges.


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